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How often should I have my driveway sealcoated?
In general, asphalt should be sealed depending on the amount and type of wear, traffic, weather, etc.  Typical sealers last approximately two years and as low as one year.  Here at GSC it should last three to four years.

How do I know If my asphalt surface needs to be sealed?
Your asphalt surface with appear lighter in color as it starts to turn to a light grayish color.  Also stones may appear to pop out more frequently than before, which means the proper sealer is needed to seal and protect the driveway and to rejuvenate the bonding agents of the asphalt.

Do I have to be home on the day my driveway work is scheduled?
No, as long as the driveway is clear of all vehicles, GSC can complete your job and send you an invoice in the mail.

Will Gaylord Seal Coating block off my driveway after services are completed? Yes, GSC will take care of this service for you.

How long should I stay off the driveway / parking lot after services are completed?
The usual time required and recommended to stay off the surface of your driveway is 24 hours after completion of the job.  However, some surfaces, parking lots, can be opened up shortly after sealing due to an additive that is applied into the sealer; see Additives.

Do I need to turn off my sprinkler system prior to work being completed?
Yes, sprinklers need to be turned off 24 hours prior to start of work and 24 hours after completion of work.

Will you remind me the next time it needs to be sealed?
Yes, a mail out will be mailed in three years reminding you.  If we do not hear from you then we will conclude that the asphalt is in good condition and we will re-mail out a reminder the following year.  You may also just want to Contact GSC to come out and evaluate the condition of your asphalt to see if it needs to be done.  If it does not need to be done, we will place you on our contact list for next year since we had advised you that you still have time. 

Is there a difference between the different types of sealers? 
Yes, there is a huge and dramatic difference that is vital to your asphalt!  Some sealers can cause more damage then good to an asphalt surface.  Please see our section on Seal Coating in Asphalt Services option for more information. 


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